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How to discern good chassis protection

Mar 13, 2017

In the damp and rainy weather conditions, your car's chassis are most vulnerable to rain and rust. Most of the owner's knowledge of automotive chassis protection, but how to choose the chassis armor construction shop, how to identify quality is good or bad, is of great concern to the majority of owners problems.
Armored Chassis construction, materials and technology is the key now common chassis plastics processing with a single flexible resin materials or bitumen. 3M professional chassis armor material is composed by the different characteristics of the four products, method of multi-layer spray coverage, realizing the function of multiple protection has high adhesion, high wear resistance, anti-scourability (highly elastic), protection against rust and corrosion, noise reduction function.
In terms of construction, chassis armor is also exquisite. New cars used cars, you must first complete chassis status, and wash the dirt, rust, oil; use compressed air to dry the chassis; body covered, shaded parts, exhaust pipes, shock absorbers, brake drums, brake, oil tank piping, engine bottom, removable bolt, four-wheel rear axle bolt. And then start spraying, when it comes to spray on the most critical, spray gun nozzle distance from the surface should be kept about 25 cm chassis construction, slow-moving average rate in order to ensure the uniformity of spray coating. Depending on the process, successive spraying high absorption, high strength, high wear resistance of materials. Spraying the whole chassis number 4 to 12 times, each time the drying time interval 15-30. Spraying is completed, the next step is removal of dodging the restore. After construction of the chassis armor can increase driving safety and comfort, and let the car and integrated functions materialize.