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Sprinkler components and systems introduced

Mar 13, 2017

Usually a sprinkler consists of the following parts: special car chassis, tanks, piping systems, and operating systems. Here are four
A brief description of the part.
A, special car chassis: generally uses, such as Dongfeng, Jiefang, Jac II chassis.
Cassidy and Dongfeng likas sprinkler, sprinkler, East three diesel water truck, Dongfeng 140 sprinkles (long head), Dongfeng 145
Water truck (flat), DF-153-type sprinklers (flat), DF-1208-type sprinklers (after bridge).
Second, tank production: I am using automatic assembly line production of the tank is divided into: cutting, automatic welding, head spinning
Type, advanced production technology, such as tank once rolling molding. Tank material made of high quality carbon steel plate production. Special-purpose
Also according to customer's needs using imported Korean 304 stainless steel. Tank volume for "4 cube cube cube, 8, 6, 5 m
Cube cube, 15, 13, 10 cube", and so on.
Third, the pipeline system consists of "piping, valves, filters, outlet (formerly Red sprinkle, lateral; high lateral shower; after work
Platform, with green water gun).
Four, the operating system: mainly driven by the engine gearbox, gearbox installed on the spilled PTO driven pump, sprinkling pump
Power, spray the liquid inside the tank through the pipe network. Scope of work: self priming height: ≤ 7m, water spraying width: ≥ 14m, the
Range: ≥ 28m; adjustable column range 28m; can be adjusted into a mist, with a range of ≥ 15m.
Optional equipment: can add the spraying, pump, tank internal corrosion and rust, multi-directional inlet and outlet water connections, solenoid valve, pneumatic valve
Facilities to meet different user needs.