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Refrigerated Trucks Became Cold Chain Electric Power Market

Mar 13, 2017

In order to develop the fresh market to seize business opportunities looking for a breakthrough in the major electricity producers in the cold chain, including Beijing-Dong, shunfeng optimization, including a major power producers in Fujian cold chain warehouses, some are starting to open. Allegedly, the cold chain warehouses, e-commerce giant fresh in Fujian province in the region about the delivery time can be cut in half.
Early optimization is SF, declared open in Xiamen as early as two years ago, the main fresh food, and carried out in the cities of Fuzhou, Xiamen, Putian and distribution. Last August, Jingdong and yonghui supermarket group, announced a strategic partnership, strategic stakes yonghui supermarket, hopes in this way to strengthen cooperation on O2O. Yonghui supermarket said the funding obtained for three main aspects, including fresh food cold chain logistics system development project, intended to raise 500 million Yuan, and construction of logistics distribution center in Nantong, Fuzhou, intends to raise 459 million Yuan. In addition, some supermarkets in Fuzhou with cold chain warehouses, such as blue sky discount supermarket in Fuzhou officials told reporters they also in Minhou Cryo-building, strengthening is equipped with refrigerated trucks.
Fresh products with high technical difficulty and long delivery time, lots of cold chain distribution business can only be entrusted to third parties, but this cannot wholly guarantee the quality of the product, but with their cold chain warehouses that have security, delivery time is cut in half, from a distribution into day two matches in a day.
SF selection also said that cold chain warehouses after opening, fresh product can achieve the fastest orders same day delivery the same day. Let the marketing costs are able to enjoy the freshest frozen products in the shortest possible time, to get the best service.