Model 3 Luxury Electric Cars

Price Range: $10000.00 to $50000.00 / Set based on the configuration

Payment Terms: T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards

Supply Ability: 300 Sets / Month
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Product Details

Product description of Model 3 Luxury Electric Cars

The Model 3 Performance features dual-motor all-wheel drive, 19-inch zero-gravity high-performance wheels, and an advanced braking system for superb handling in most weather conditions. A carbon fiber spoiler improves stability at high speeds, enabling the Model 3 to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 3.3 seconds.

Tesla all-wheel-drive models feature two independent electric motors for added redundancy, each with only one moving part, for durability and ease of maintenance. Unlike conventional all-wheel-drive systems, two electric motors precisely distribute torque between the front and rear wheels for better handling and traction control.

Model 3 luxury electric car is an all-electric vehicle, and you never have to go to the gas station again. In daily driving, you only need to charge at home at night, and you can travel with a full charge the next day. When driving long distances, you can recharge from public charging stations or the Tesla charging network.

The luxury electric car's body structure is made of steel and aluminum mixed metal materials to ensure the support strength of each part. In an internal tumble test, the Model 3 managed to withstand the weight of four times its own mass, or about the weight of two adult African elephants, with its panoramic glass roof.

Model 3 luxury electric cars details

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Configuration of Model 3 Luxury Electric Cars

ModelModel 3 2022 rear-wheel driveModel 3 2022 Performance high-performance all-wheel drive
Basic parameters
ManufacturerTesla China
Levelmidsize car
Time to market2021.112021.12
EnginePure electric 264 horsepower electric motorPure electric 485 horsepower electric motor
Motor maximum horsepower (PS)264485
Total motor power (kW)194357
Motor total torque (N m)340659
Battery charging timeFast charge: 1.0 hours, slow charge: 10.0 hours
Fast charge capacity (%)-
GearboxElectric vehicle single-speed gearbox
Body type4-door 5-seat sedan
Maximum speed (km/h)225261
Official 0-100km/h acceleration (s)6.13.3
Measured 0-100km/h acceleration (s)-
Measured 100-0km/h braking (m)-
Measured power consumption per 100 kilometers (kWh/100km)-13.5
Battery Warranty TimeEight years or 160,000 kilometersEight years or 192,000 kilometers
CLTC pure electric cruising range (km)556675
Charging timeFast charge: 1.0 hours, slow charge: 10.0 hours
Vehicle warrantyFour years or 80,000 kilometers
Driver assistance levelL2 (Optional: L3)
Body typeSedan
Front track(mm)1580
Rear Track(mm)1580
Minimum ground clearance (mm)138
Vehicle weight (kg)17611836
Number of doors (pcs)4
Number of seats (pieces)5
Fuel tank volume (L)-
Luggage compartment volume (L)425
Maximum volume of luggage compartment (L)-
Internal dimensions of luggage compartment (mm)-
Electric motor/battery
Motor model--
Motor typePermanent magnet synchronizationFront induction asynchronous Rear permanent magnet synchronous
Motor maximum horsepower (PS)264485
Total motor power (kW)194357
Motor total torque (N m)340659
Front motor maximum power (kW)-137
Front motor maximum torque (N m)-219
Rear motor maximum power (kW)194220
Rear motor maximum torque (N m)340440
Drive modepure electric
Number of drive motorssingle motorDual motor
Motor layoutrearfront + rear
System integrated power (kW)-
System comprehensive torque (N m)-
CLTC pure electric cruising range (km)556675
Official power consumption per 100 kilometers (kWh/100km)12.513.2
Battery capacity (kWh)6078.4
Battery energy density (Wh/kg)126168
Battery TypeLithium iron phosphate batteryTernary lithium battery
Battery Warranty TimeEight years or 160,000 kilometersEight years or 192,000 kilometers
Battery charging timeFast charge: 1.0 hours, slow charge: 10.0 hours
Fast charge capacity (%)-

Packing and Shipping


1: Container: Cheapest and fastest.

2: Bulk carrier: Suitable for large machines.

3: Flatrack: Suitable for large machines, the machine can be transported as is, without disassembly.

4: Ro-Ro: This is the best way to transport, safe and fast.

Fast and safe delivery to your country is possible. We are always on the side of the consumer and offer you the cheapest sea freight.

How to buy luxury electric cars?

Dear customer, in order to give you a fast and efficient quotation. Please let us know the following information:

1. You are looking for a petrol or electric car, how many are there?

2. New or used car.

3. Sedan or SUV, the price range you're looking for

4. Destination port

5. Year, exterior and interior colors, panoramic sunroof, etc…

The more information you provide us, the faster and more accurate the quotation will be. As our cars are selling very fast, they may be sold out after all information is confirmed. However, we accept your 30% deposit to order the car, please contact us for more details.

Luxury Electric Cars safety precautions (please read carefully)

1. Please read the description of this function carefully before using it.

2. When encountering bad weather, please brake as soon as possible.

3. Our products are suitable for wet and snowy weather. Be careful if too much water covers the controller (circuit) or motor, cut off and electrical damage will occur.

4. Reduce speed when descending a slope or turning.

5. Simultaneous braking of the front and rear brakes is good for its balance and reliability.

6. In an emergency, when you need to stop the car, you must press the brake pedal several times slowly and gently to prevent you from getting out of the car.

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