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Do You Know? Hold The Steering Wheel Is The Correct Posture!

Mar 13, 2017

Kayou drove on the road all year round, close up to the steering wheel. As long as the drive, there's not a moment. Because habits are different, naturally everyone holds position of the steering wheel are not the same, although the rules for how to hold there is no mandatory requirement, but some really life-threatening, a look at the following example, you have this hobby?

Haven't learned when to see older drivers driving with one hand, feel very handsome. A hand controlled car, there's a feeling in the hand of the world. But now it seems that this type of tractor may seem cheesy, but when in need of emergency evasive when a hand there is no time to react to direction.

Back behind the wheel, commonly known as cutting wheel, is held inside the steering wheel. Encounter when uneven force, cannot be accurate steering. And when you turned, suddenly rolled to the edge of a rock or pothole, direction of the tire will have a reaction, and even bounce, it is easy to hurt the wrist. In addition, in emergency situations, direction of play is limited.

Newbie nervous hands too close, and the steering wheel tightly, leading to Sweaty Palms. Not only in case of emergency cannot, after sweating and sweat on the steering wheel, easily slipping in the direction.

This commonly known as 10 o'clock-4-point steering wheel grip, appears to be standard, in fact, has some security implications, aligning the steering wheel will result in back are not in place, will cause the vehicle to the left.

See here, are you trying to say that exactly how does the standard grip the steering wheel?

"3-9 o" grip is the most reasonable, most standard steering wheel grip, is also the most recommended a grip. This symmetric balanced grip, benefit is that vehicles requiring emergency directions and turn, regardless of which direction left and right wheels can ensure maximum steering accuracy, vehicle driver maximum control.

However, during the long driving hours, keeping "3-9" grip easily allows the driver to the steering wheel felt too nervous, easily tired. So, which position is the best, or according to personal preference. True, after all, driving safety, is not a dogma strictly in accordance with a certain posture that can guarantee, the most important thing is driver safety awareness.