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Features Of SINOTRUK HOWO Concrete Mixer Truck

May 26, 2017

Features of SINOTRUK HOWO concrete mixer truck 

 - reasons why you should choose HOWO tucks

HOWO concrete mixer truck_01.jpg

Vehicle Features:

● Leading product technology, full-featured, excellent performance, reliable quality, easy to use.

● Priority tank structure, special mold production, beautiful appearance, stirring, unloading uniform, low residual rate.

HOWO concrete mixer truck_02.jpg

● The use of brand imported hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and reducer, the quality is more stable.

● High-strength wear-resistant steel plate, longer service life.

● Optimized vehicle structure, low center of gravity, high operating efficiency.

● More product series, the tank volume from 3-18 cubic meters.


Mixer Features:


● The cylinder is made of high-strength wear-resistant steel plate and box-cage mold. It can ensure the coaxiality and round beating of the flange and the cylinder and the raceway , to ensure the smooth running of the vehicle.

HOWO concrete mixer truck_03.jpg

● The use of double helix blades in the tank, the density is moderate, the former taper at the door with a symmetrical mixing plate, the tank at the installation of double leaves and the material guide the leaves, so that the discharging is more steady and faster.

● The use of submerged arc welding technology, the strength is more solid, shape more beautiful, the connection parts of the tank for the lap structure to extend the service life, the head of the German cold spinning technology, sleek appearance, the head of the installation of six Strengthen the board, so that more wear resistance.

HOWO concrete mixer truck_04.jpg

● low inclination of the mixing, extending the pump, motor, reducer life, vice beam with high-strength square tube, the central part of the vibration zone, conducive to the release of stress.

● The blade is pressed with a special set of molds to ensure that the spiral curve and helix angle and pitch, so that the concrete mixing more uniform, is the real three-dimensional mixing.


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