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Hook Loader Garbage Truck Why So Popular

Mar 13, 2017

Also known as arm hook loader garbage truck, car detachable garbage trucks, used in many schools, plant, Park, street, rural, community and collected garbage and waste scattered, it is kind of one of the most popular of the garbage truck.

We take a look at the case, mostly square shape can also be selected according to customer requirements of oval, box below has four wheels, box hook arm hook up, play a very important role. Box above the side was a square hole, garbage collection is open for people discarded trash, shut down during transport, to prevent secondary pollution. Back door latch in man-made open when a garbage truck unloading trash and garbage dump.

According to market currently sealed garbage trucks, Hang Drum garbage truck was hooked arm garbage truck phase out, mainly due to the following aspects, hook arm garbage truck vehicles with multiple bins, all hydraulically operated, very simple and quick. While bin design allows the transport of waste in the process will not produce the phenomenon of leaking, junk boxes can also make classified garbage collection box, you can gradually develop the good habit of garbage classification among the population.