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Introduction Of Hot Sale Type 8 Cubic Meter Concrete Mixer Truck

Dec 15, 2017

Introduction of Hot Sale Type 8 Cubic Meter Concrete Mixer Truck

Concrete mixer truck or cement truck is mainly used in transporting concrete for concrete batching plants. It is mainly made of chassis, agitator, pressure gauge, intelligent controller, transmission or drive system, water supply device, etc. Among this, four units such as chassis, agitator, drive system, water supply device are imported from other countries due to several technical bottlenecks.

The combination of front end of mixing drum and reduction box is installed on the front part of shelf and rear end of mixing drum is supported by two rear wheels. Additionally, the mixing drum is a cylinder which is thin at both ends and thick in the middle. Its inside is equipped with clockwise fan blade which will keep mixing the concrete during transportation to prevent it from solidifying. 

 concrete mixer truck (4).jpg