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Main Parts Of Semi Trailer

May 17, 2017

Main parts of semi trailer


1. Frame

   Frame consists of beam - beam welding, the support beams, connecting beams, side beams, locks, traction pin connecting device, panels and other components.


    Side beams are generally channel or bent parts, most of the current channel are used trailer, light body bent parts hanging edge beam will be more, because of the strength requirements are not too large. Through the support beam is beam, are now mostly a W-beam (W beam on the map is done through the beam), when heavy goods with more than 10 # channel.


    2. upload part

    For car tailgate, the upload part refers to the steeplechase, gantry and the like. Tailgate is divided into flat and vertical corrugated board, corrugated board is a typical vertical plate, the intensity will be higher.


    Gantry can also be called the "front door", so often pull heavy cargo and goods are generally not easy to slip special requirements, then manufacturers will live in removable gantry must make do welded together on the basis of two cable-stayed .


    3. The Kingpins

    Kingpins is an important component of the tractor-trailer connection and withstand traction, and connected to the fifth wheel. Chromium alloy steel forging general structure of the system.



    Cargo tonnage for different traction pin # 50, # 90 kingpins points. Generally 50T cargo trailer and a total weight limit, 50T or less 50 # pin, 50T or more is 90 #, 90T or more words will be safe with a 90 # Kingpins.


    4. Suspension

    General trailer suspension are based on non-independent stamping steel rigid suspension type, there are tandem leaf spring and suspension bearing components for supporting the load, slow moving vehicle cargo load impact.


Tandem-type steel spring suspension balance


    Private car use due to different uses of the suspension design also have different requirements, there are four kinds of commonly used suspension: tandem-type steel spring balanced suspension, single-point suspension, air suspension, a rigid suspension (front-line two-axis).


    5. undercarriages







    Trailer axle to support the bridge, the major domestic Guangdong Fuhua Bridge, BPW bridge, Uxbridge, Onkyo, where the most popular Guangdong Fu bridge, axle and leaf spring suspension means and the rod is connected to the frame between the frame and the wheel support and transfer force loads.


Tire Rims


    Casings and tires equivalent man walking shoes, rims and tires should be matched according to the standard.


    6. Electrical system


   Trailer electrical system consists of seven core socket, cable, gas, lamps and other components for lighting, security alerts as well as the brake and gas supply. See generally structured wiring electrical path or not basically know how this factory-like quality, and this is to the Seeing.


    7. support means

    Trailer support means is mainly used to support the trailer during off hanging by the legs, attachment brackets and other components. Many brands, York, sent Smucker, Fuhua, Yost etc. are all good leg, do not see the brand, there are many, because this thing is too simple manufactured good, also generally not bad!


    8. guard

    Trailer by the side guard protection after protection, and the protection of pedestrians and other vehicles will not penetrate into the next trailer. This thing done also fuel it, reducing drag to do better called side skirts, and can do so in a foreign country, if the country made side skirts called "modified" will be fined for.


    9. Trailer Accessories

    Other accessories include a trailer toolbox, spare frame, gantry, instrumentation and so on. There are some small accessories such as tight rope, rope hook of such highly functional accessory, it is necessary according to their types of goods option installed.