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How To Maintain The Truck

Aug 31, 2017


1.Cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning

Air conditioning use rate is extremely high in the summer.It is rain more in the summer, driving often through some of the more dirty wetting place.The road is easy to make the lower part of the air conditioning condenser paste a lot of sediment. If the condenser is subjected to erosion for long time, it will be rust.That shortening the life of air conditioning.

2.Cleaning the door glass guide groove.

The heavy rain will cause a lot of dust and acid and alkali substances along the glass into the channel that result in glass lifter weak, the speed of the glass lift slow or there will be some friction glass abnormal sound.

3.Tire tread is not obvious,changing it as soon as possible.

Checking if the tires are scratched.Because the rubber is easy to harden in the cold season , easy to leak or broken.