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Refuse Compression Transfer Vehicle Technical Specifications

Mar 13, 2017

Also known as compressed rubbish compression refuse collector vehicles (hereinafter referred to as garbage trucks) are used for urban bags, bottled, bulk solid waste collection, transportation, unloading operations of special vehicles. Garbage was car garbage propeller and said negative pressure institutions push pressure into car box, to makes garbage high density, and more uniform to distribution in car box within, until loaded full weizhi; the garbage car of received shipped way is currently world Shang widely used of garbage received shipped way, its dedicated device of function are to car engine for power, through hydraulic institutions manual or electric control to achieved. Vehicle body, filling, also known as iron body and sewage sealed boxes are made of high quality carbon steel plate welding structure, high strength, light weight, no secondary pollution and so on. The series optional hydraulic turnover mechanism of trash, applies to 120 l, 140, 240 liter plastic garbage cans and 350 litres of metal garbage cans.
Junk vehicle basic performance identical to the original chassis, users see the original chassis manual. This instruction describes only the most specialized parts, inspection about the operation.
In front of a loaded garbage, no-load running up to 6 standard, hang up the PTO (lower left of the steering wheel in the cab), check all parts for any leaks or after an exception, then operate according to the knob indicates position;

Trash step 1. rotating barrel (Board) operate the knobs to the left down, double barrel (Board) institutions down, loosen the knob back in, then turn the scraper operation knob to right away, squeegee up, release the knob in the back, ready to start hanging barrel.

2. hang up the trash, rotating barrel action turn on the knob to the right location, trash can flip upwards, automatic unloading garbage into the arc-shaped body, loosen the knob back to the position.

3. rotating barrel action under the knobs to the left position, trash back home, release the knob in the back; and swivel slide knob to left drop location, skateboard slide (Note: scraper take up position), loosen the knob back in, resumption and blowing garbage;

4. rotating scraper operation knob to position inside left, scraping along the arc blow up trash, loosen the knob in the back;

5. rotating skateboard action sliding knob to right position (Note: under the squeegee cylinders must exceed the limit switch marked position), slide on a skateboard drive scraper but, loosen the knob back in, garbage was brought up by scraper, ready to push the garbage;

6. turn the negative pressure operation knob to the right to launch location, garbage is negative plate pushed into the trunk of your car, release the knob in the back;

7. turn the operation under negative pressure knob to the left back position, negative plate back, loosen the knob back in, completed 1 load of rubbish;

8. Mount garbage again, please continue to step 1 (Rotary scraper operation knob to close, ready to hang drum) started operation without the need to load again, rotating barrel action turn on the knob to the right location, double barrel bodies turn up, then release the power take off, vehicles can be moved.

Step 9. Revolving plate launched operation knob to the right position, the trunk of your car pusher trash launched car, loosen knob complete discharging waste to work;
Step 10. revolving plate operation the knobs to the left back position, push plate was recovered, release the knob; then turn the operation knob to left drop location, and trunk lock down, loosen the knob and release the PTO (double barrel body extended position, please turn them on) vehicle can be moved.