Flatbed Full Trailer

Chengda Trailer design & manufactures best useful lowboy trailers and mobile workshop truck bodies to meet customer requirements with high standards.Chengda specializes in the production of special lowboy trailers like extendable, hyraulic and self steered semi low loaders, special design flatbed trailers that meets all driver needs, mobile workshop truck bodies for basic maintenance, tyre repair, pipe-line maintenance etc.
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Product Details

Product Description:

A flatbed trailer makes it easy to load equipment onto the trailer, quickly relocating these bulky cargo to the destination.

For large building and construction projects, bulky materials will often need to be transported to the job site. 

In many cases, scrap metal is unwieldy and hard to organize.

From old piping to residential refrigerators, a flatbed trailer can handle loads that are more difficult to fit into confined spaces. 

a flatbed trailer is often used to transport landscaping goods and equipment.

Flatbed Full Trailer


Overall Dimension(mm) 


Platform thickness(mm)


Main Beam 

“H”main beam design,Q345B carbon steel,the height of the beam is 500 mm, upper plate is 16mm,down plate is 18mm, middle plate is 10 mm. 





Tare weight




Flatbed Full Trailer Details

Packing & Shipping:

  1. Container : which is cheapest and fast, but not available for 8*4 tippers

  2. Bulk cargo ship :which is better for bigger construction equipmen

  3. Flat rack ship :which is better for bigger machine and also no need to dismantle.

  4. Ro-ro ship which is good for every machine and faster.

  5. You can depend on your own requires to choose one favorite. Delivery: Within 7 working days after confirmation.

Flatbed Full Trailers Shipping Modes

Clients Feedback:

Due to our continuous improvement of the structure, it also allows our products to meet the carrying capacity and unloading requirements far beyond the actual.

Flatbed Feedback

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