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1. Our fuel tanker trailer adopts the gooseneck design with low center of gravity, 7% angle is more secure

2. The fuel tanker trailer adopts a semi-elliptical cylinder design, and the volume is increased by 12%

3. The fuel tanker trailer uses automatic arc welding technology, with a service life of up to 10 years

4. The trailer is ADR compliant, rules that apply to most oil companies
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Product Details

This 30,000 liter fuel tanker trailer is usually used for oil transportation such as fuel, diesel and other common liquid industrial oils. Chengda uses advanced fuel tanker trailer production lines (such as internal pressure testing equipment, X-ray welding and sealing scanning equipment) to manufacture, and its tank body is made of carbon steel, which can withstand a certain degree of impact from the inside or outside. contributed to the high performance of the trailer.

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The front and rear heads of the tank body of the fuel tanker trailer are produced by blanking the plasma CNC cutting machine and spinning once by imitating the edger, with high strength and smooth and complete cut surface.

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The tank body of the fuel tanker trailer is automatically welded by gas shielded welding at the welding tooling station, and the quality of the tank body weld is high.


The duration of the tank frame is welded with a one-time vital longitudinal beam to make sure the electricity of the tank body. The tank body shall be subjected to an average shot peening system to put off weld stress and average rust removal.

Configuration Details


Max Payload>30000 kg
Rims9,0 12pcs
King pin90mm
Tank body5mm
End Plate6mm
King pin90mm
Place of OriginChina

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