Petrol Tank Trailer

1. More safty by 7%Lower center gravity Gooseneck design

2. 12% Larger volume by semi elliptical section barrel design

3. 10 year Long service life by tanker automacit arc welding

4. ADR standard suit for most oil company's rules
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Product Details

Chengda petrol tank trailer adopts advanced design concepts, adopts well-known manufacturers' accessories and raw materials, and customizes the production of highly torsion-resistant, shock-resistant and bump-resistant oil tank semi-trailers according to your requirements.

Petrol Tank Trailer

Advantages of Petrol Tank Trailer:

Petrol Tank Trailer

1.The tank body of the petrol tank trailer is rolled and formed at one time to improve the life of the tank body and ensure the safety of users.

2. The tank body of the petrol tank trailer is equipped with an innovatively designed new wave-proof board structure to enhance the stability during transportation

3. The length of the tank body of the petrol tank trailer is welded by a one-time integral longitudinal beam to ensure the strength of the tank body

4. After the tank body is manufactured, the high-pressure gas leak test is used to ensure the airtightness of transportation.

More Details:

Petrol Tank Trailer

Petrol Tank Trailer


transport Fuel, Oil, Diese




13Ton heavy duty AxleZY brand3Axle

Brake air chamber

Six big double air chambers

Brake system

Dual Line braking system

Tare Weight


Tank body Thickness

Q235/5mm carbon steel

End plate Thickness

Q235/6mm carbon steel


3 compartments

Chengda offers a variety of specifications and materials for tank trucks to choose from. Want more information? Contact us now! !

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