ID.4 CROZZ 2022 Lite PRO Electric Cars

Brand: Volkswagen/BYD, ect

Price Range: $10000.00 to $50000.00 / Set based on the configuration

Payment Terms: T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards

Supply Ability: 300 Sets / Month
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Product Details

Main Description of ID.4 CROZZ 2022 Lite PRO Electric Cars

For ID.4 CROZZ 2022 Lite PRO Electric Cars, the prices are about the same. How to choose an electric car that is more suitable for you in this situation is very important.

1. So for consumers, if you don't have a rigid need for space and you love driving, I still recommend the ID.4 with a more compact size and a more refined design.

2. If your needs prove that the ID.4 is not practical enough, the ID.6 with a larger size is the best choice for Volkswagen electric vehicles.


Difference between the ID4 Electric Car vs ID6 Electric Car

1. Size

ID.6 CROZZ Electric Cars and ID.4 CROZZ Electric Cars are the most significant difference in appearance in terms of size. 

ID6.X length, width and height are 4876/1848/1680mm, wheelbase is 2965mm; 

ID4.X length, width and height are 2965mm; They are 4612/1852/1640mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2765mm.

2. Internal space

ID.6 CROZZ Electric Cars is positioned as a medium-to-large SUV, with seven-seat versions, and the ID4.X supports five. 

However, although the ID4 is a 5-seater, thanks to the good space utilization and electric platform inside the vehicle, its interior space is still sufficient.

3. Different motors

We replaced the motor supplier on the ID.6 CROZZ, and the efficiency of the motor has increased. 

And the overall shape and wind resistance coefficient of the ID.6 CROZZ are lower than those of the ID.4 CROZZ, which is the increase in the battery life of the ID.6.

Detailed Picture of ID 4 Super Car Electric Car


Basic parametersID.6 CROZZ 2022 standard battery life PURE versionID.4 CROZZ 2022 standard battery life PURE version
Energy TypePure ElectricPure Electric
Battery TypeTernary lithium batteryTernary lithium battery
Motor typePermanent Magnet / SynchronousPermanent Magnet / Synchronous
Motor (Ps)180
Total motor power (kW)132125
Motor total torque (N m)310310
Number of drive motorsSingle MotorSingle Motor
Cruise SystemFull Speed Adaptive CruiseFull Speed Adaptive Cruise
Maximum speed (km/h)160160

Packing and Shipping


Transportation model: ro-ro, bulk cargo, and container.

1. It can be quickly and safely delivered to your country.

2. We have a complete shipping and packaging system.

3. We always stand from the perspective of consumers to better ensure that your products are safe, professional and environmentally friendly for consumers.

Our advantage?

1、We specialize in the export of electric vehicles and are export agents for several large electric vehicle brands, providing you with factory direct prices and the most reliable product quality.

2. With rare export products certified by the Ministry of Commerce of China, we will be very professional in every aspect of your supply, service and more.

3. We have 17 years of experience in exporting vehicles, and we will do our best to solve any problems you may encounter on the way to purchase.

Customer visits and cooperation


Over the years, many customers from different countries have visited our offices and factories, and we have expressed their full welcome to them, and they have also expressed their full satisfaction with our products and services.

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