Chengda Factory 3 Axles 6 Compartments 42000 Litres Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

Chengda Factory 3 Axles 6 Compartments 42000 Litres Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer According to clients' requirements, we can customize different volume and compartment. The popular oil tanker trailer models include: 3 Axles 60,000L fuel tanker trailer / 3 Axles 45,000L fuel tanker trailer / 3 Axles 50CBM fuel tanker trailer / 42CBM fuel tanker trailer / 40CBM fuel tanker trailer. According to the Material, we have Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Aluminum Alloydiesel oil fuel tanker tank semi trailer. So customers can choose what tanker they like.

Product Details

Chengda Factory 3 Axles 6 Compartments 42000 Litres Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

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Product Description

Chengda Factory 3 Axles 6 Compartments 42000 Litres Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer is used to transport diesel, petrol, oil and so on. We produce aluminum fuel tanks, aluminum tanker trailer and oil tank semi trailer.

The size of fuel tanker semi trailer is optional.

Main specification:

Trailer Model

3 axles fueltank semi trailer 

Overall Dimension



transport Fuel, Oil, Diesel


Tank body: 5mm body and 6mm end



Axle Brand

FUWA Brand 13Ton Axle

Axle Number

Three or Four


3 or 6, it is optional     

Manhole cover

Standard 500mm

Discharge valve


Emergency valve



Mechanical suspension

Main beams

Opting for high tensile steel Q345B welded by automatic submerged - arc processes

The material of Main beam

The height of the beam is 500 mm, upper plate is 14mm,down plate is 16mm, middle plate is 8mm

Tire Tire and quantity

12R22.5 triangle brand 12units 

Traction Pin

2' or 3.5' optional

Spare Wheel Bracket

2 pieces

Tool Box

1 Standard

Landing Gear  


Brake system

Break system: double line air breaks with spring loaded parking brake, air parking brake

Brake chamber

6 relay valve; T30/30+T30 Spring brake chamber; one piece of 45L air tanks

air chamber

Six big double air chambers


heavy-duty bumper at the rear


bottom and top loading

Electrical light

electrical equipment 24 Volt, in accordance with the road traffic regulations electric connection type SAE 7 poles mounted on the front bearer.
Position light, mount on front bear and side marker lights, round tail light with steel ring fixed by rivet.


for easy access to manholes covers(material is carbon steel)

Access ladder

one(1) access ladder at front of tank.

We are professional in producing fuel tanker trailer and engaged in technician developing this product for more than 10 years.

Here are our workshop and production pictures:

oil tank semi trailer

Sending to the port:

aluminum tanker trailer for sale


The Chengda Factory 3 Axles 6 Compartments 42000 Litres Fuel Tanker Semi Trailercan be transported by bulk cargo ship, Ro-ro ship or flat rack container.

Flat rack container shipping

fuel tanker semi trailer for sale

Bulk cargo shipping

fuel tanker semi trailer price

Our Services

1. Our engineer design draft for you based on your requirement. and manufacturing to your requirement.
2. High quality steel, exquisite workmanship and reasonable price to provide.
3. We do quotation within 24 hours and welcome any inquire at any time.
4. The related spare parts of trailer or tractors, shipping together with discount price 2%.

After-Sales Service

• 12months for 3 key parts (engine, main beam, axle).
• Tracking service time: lifelong.
• Third-party service for overseas client.  
• Use steps Description 
• Parts supply on time


aluminum tanker trailer price

We are qualified with ISO, CCC, WMI and BV certificate for our bulk cement tank trailer.
We can also supply other certificate for your customs clearance needs, such as CIQ, ECTN, BIC, BV, SGS, BSC, etc. 



oil tank semi trailer 


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