LPG Tank Trailer

1. Chengda LPG tank trailer provides customized services

2. LPG tank trailer body is made of high-strength carbon steel material and welded by automatic submerged arc process

3. LPG tank trailer has undergone strict air tightness test before leaving the factory to ensure the tightness of the tank
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LPG tank trailer is a special vehicle for road transportation of liquefied gas. Our LPG tank trailer provide customized services. The tank body is made of high-strength carbon steel material, welded by an automatic submerged arc process, and undergoes strict air tightness tests before leaving the factory to ensure the tightness of the tank body. Our company has passed ISO quality system certification, to provide you with the most sincere and reliable service.

gas tanker trailer

The liquefied gas tanker is welded with 16 manganese high-strength steel plates, and after the welding is completed, the places where the stress is concentrated and the welding seam are strictly checked, and the hydraulic test is carried out to check the tightness of the welding. During the test, the tank shall not have significant deformation, uneven expansion and leakage.

gas tanker trailer


gas tanker trailer

Tanker size(long*diameter)12796*2478mm
Fluid propertyflammable
Design temperature-40°C to 50°C
Design pressure1.77MPa
Work pressure1.61MPa
Corrosion allowance1.0mm
Filling weight per volume420Kg/m3
Baffle inside the tank14-off Aluminum bolted plate , thickness is 6mm
ShapeCylindrical ; Ellipse head
Heat treatmentOverall heat treatment in a furnace , 500°C to 560°C
Flaw detection100% Flaw detection

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