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Delivery Of 3 Axle 60 Ton Low Bed Trailer To Guinea

Jun 01, 2017

Delivery of 3 axle 60 ton low bed trailer to Guinea

low bed trailer on port.jpg

On June 1st 2017, one unit of 3 axle 60 ton low bed trailer was delivery to port. 

This trailer is ordered by one Guinea client. And the low bed trailer is specially designed by our engineer to fit for the road condition of Guinea accoding to customer's requirement. 

Main beam and side beam are enforced for heavy duty loading; And low ground clearance from working platform to the ground make the trailer has a low gravity center, which ensure the safety transportation on the road;  China Good brand FUWA axle is used, which make the trailer both quality and economic.

If you need inquiry of low bed trailer, Contact Us immediately. The sales of our company will contact you as soon as read your message.