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The Axle Of Concrete Mixer Truck Using Precautions

Sep 08, 2017

The axle of concrete mixer truck using Precautions.jpg

It is important for the the axle of concrete mixer truck proper using to extend the life cycle of the mixer.

1.The load should not exceed standard, especially in the uneven road driving, the speed can not be too

fast, the break can not be too hard.

2.When the wheel slips, you need to use the differential lock, it should be used correctly.

3.You should check the temperature of the wheel and the connection of the parts on time,when the truck is on the road.

4.The Ventilation holes should be cleaned every time when it is maintained to keep it informed. 

5.Each secondary maintenance you should check the work of differential lock, if it operates not good, you should check the reasons timely and repair it.