Concrete mixing and transporting car works

- Mar 13, 2017-

The principle of concrete mixing and transporting car
With the rapid development of concrete production and construction, some States have gradually adopted concrete Central mixer, commercial supply, concrete is provided by specialized concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer trucks to the construction sites. Brief introduction to construction and maintenance of concrete mixing truck.
1 composition and working principle of concrete mixing and transporting car
Concrete mixer concrete mixer truck chassis, and a dedicated device. China's production of concrete mixing carrier chassis using two classes of vehicle manufacturers to provide a common chassis. Its main private institutions include PTO, mixing tube before and after stent, reducer, hydraulic system, mixing tube, control, cleaning systems and so on. How it works: through the power take off unit remove the chassis power and drive of hydraulic system for variable displacement pump, hydraulic energy into mechanical energy to constant displacement motor, motor-driven reducer, driven by reducer stirring device, mixing the concrete.
1. 1 power unit
Homemade truck-mounted concrete mixer truck used engine power. Power takeoff devices is by manipulating the power take off switch remove the engine, the hydraulic system-driven mixing drum, beater cylinder in the feed and transport Chiang Kai-shek to rotate to facilitate feeding and mixing of the concrete, in the material at the reverse rotation, cut off after the end of work connected with the engine's power.
1. 2 hydraulic system
Engine power remove the PTO, converted into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then by motor output for mechanical energy (rotational speed and torque), provide power for mixing drum rotation.
1. 3 gear
In the hydraulic system of speed reducer and motor output, to the mixing drum.
1. 4 control
a. Control of mixing drum rotation direction, to feed and transport process to rotate the material at a reverse rotation.
b. Control of mixing Drum speed
1. 5 mixing device
It mainly consists of mixing drum and its supporting components. Mixing drum of concrete containers, it is made from high quality wear-resistant steel sheet, for automatically loading and unloading concrete wall welding with special shaped spiral blade. The spiral direction of rotation along the blade of concrete, constantly lifting and turning over the process mixed and stirred. Process of raw materials, transportation, mixing drum is turning, in concrete along the blade movement, material, mixing Drum reversing concrete unloading outside along the blade. Rotation of the mixing drum is driven by a hydraulic device to be guaranteed. Loading capacity of 3~6 cubic meters of used concrete mixer truck driven by the engine through the PTO shaft and hydraulic pump, driven by high pressure oil hydraulic motor driven drum, loading capacity is 9~12 cubic meters of the on-board auxiliary diesel engine driven hydraulic pump drive motors. Leaf is the main part in the stirring device, damage or excessive wear can cause uneven concrete mixer. In addition, the blade angle if the design is not reasonable, may also make the concrete segregation.
1. 6 cleaning system
Cleaning system is cleaning the mixing drum, sometimes used for dry mixing in transit. Cleaning system for hydraulic system of cooling.
2 concrete mixer truck maintenance and repair
Concrete mixing and transporting car transport car, in terms of maintenance and repairs must comply with the provisions of the 1990 Decree 13th, traffic, and implement the "periodic testing, compulsory maintenance, repair" system of maintenance and repair. In this context, considering the actual situation of concrete mixer truck, maintenance and repair. In terms of maintenance, in addition to conventional concrete mixer truck engine, chassis and other parts for maintenance, you must also do the following maintenance work.
2. 1 cleaning the concrete storage tanks (drum) and feeding
The concrete solidified into hard blocks in a short time, and has some corrosion on steel and paint, so after each use concrete tanks, clean adhesion in concrete tanks and feeding of concrete is the daily maintenance on the work must be carried out. Including:
a. Flush inlet before each charge, keep the inlet when loading wet;
b. To the truck at the time of loading the cleaning water tanks filled with water;
c. After loading washing inlet, wash concrete residues near the inlet;
d. To the site after unloading, washing troughs, and then add clean water to the concrete tank 30-40 l; while it is in return to keep tanks forward, slowly rotating concrete;
e. Before the next charging be sure to drain in a concrete tank sewage;
f. Day work and thoroughly clean the concrete storage tanks and material around to ensure that no sticky lumps of cement and concrete.
These work as long as a serious, it will bring a lot of trouble to future work.
2. 2 maintenance of driving device
Drive unit's role is to drive concrete tank rotation, which consists of PTO, cardan shaft, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, control valve, hydraulic oil tank and cooling device. If this part due to failure to stop work, concrete tank will not turn, this can lead to in-car concrete scrap, in severe cases, the entire concrete condensed in the tank, resulting in concrete mixing and transporting car scrapped. Therefore, the reliability of the drive unit is used must attach great importance to the issue. To ensure a reliable drive intact, should complete the following maintenance work:
a. Universal rotating parts is parts prone to failure, and should be updated periodically add grease, and always check the wear condition, repair replacement in a timely manner. Teams alternate in the cardan shaft Assembly, to ensure that in the event of failure can be recovered in a few minutes.
b. Guaranteed clean hydraulic oil. Concrete mixer truck and poor working environment, be sure to prevent sewage and sediment from entering the hydraulic system. Hydraulic oil according to the Manual requires periodic replacement. Once the checks found hydraulic oil mixed with water or sediment, it is necessary to immediately stop cleaning, replacement of hydraulic oil in hydraulic system.
c. Ensure the effective hydraulic oil cooling device. Regularly clean hydraulic oil cooler, avoid radiator clogged with cement, check radiator electric fan correctly to prevent excessive temperature of hydraulic oil. Hydraulic part of hydraulic oil for as long as the cleaning, fault is not much; but different manufacturer, life is different.
2. 3 attention to tire maintenance
In addition, units of production: tank truck, water truck, fecal suction truck, sewage suction truck, dump truck, van, truck, coach car, truck crane, truck, bulk powder bulk cement truck, chemical liquid truck, cement mixer, etc.