Truck with loading crane is lost

- Mar 13, 2017-

Truck-mounted crane truck crane accident statistics and analysis showed that, due to hanging position of the workpiece are not correct, and Sling selection, use improper lifting accidents account for a considerable proportion, especially when lifting some large artifacts, due to the lower Si Suo linked personnel technical quality or do not have a strong sense of responsibility, often leads to accidents and cause significant economic losses. Therefore, in the sling use and management, not carelessness and complacency.

Truck with loading crane is lost or lifting heavy objects falling, is a truck-mounted crane truck accident an important blow in injury, include secondary damage caused by heavy objects scattered. Caused falling causes of truck-mounted crane truck rigging in improper use, heavy bundles are not linked to the prison, hook, Chuck suddenly loses power, the sling standard applications, to improve the safety and reliability of equipment and process, enhances the working efficiency will play a large role. Meanwhile, the lifting operation and features and decide the lifting operation is a higher risk of special operations. Because operators in the use of the sling to check irregularities and improper use, accidents sometimes occur, this case to countless others. So said truck-crane is a sling may be small, but the stakes to be taken lightly.