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4 Units Oil Tanker Trailer Were Exported To Tanzania

Sep 19, 2017

4 units oil tanker trailer were exported to Tanzania.jpg

4 units oil tanker trailer were exported to Tanzania 

On September 10th,4 units oil tanker trailer were exported to Tanzania,it is really a big thank for customers approval and support of our trailers.Our trailers are all good quality with low price.

The tanker body thickness 5mm and the end thickness 6mm, stronger and durable.On the top of the tanker assembled with the mechanic walking handrail and anti-slip steel net, more safe and more stable.

Break waver plate act as buffer to ease the oil wave force during transportation, makes the trailer more secure.According to the volume the trailer can be designed as 2 axles or 3 axles, provide the most economic solutions.

Each compartment has high quality aluminum discharge valve and manhole and bottom valve with the emergency braking which makes the tanker safe.

The axles is the China best heavy duty FUWA brand axles tested by the market more than 10 years which is stable and durable in use.

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