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40-foot Container Semi-trailer Maintenance

Aug 15, 2017

40-foot container semi-trailer maintenance of small knowledge container truck is a variety of different shapes, different sizes of goods before loading into the standard size of the special box to facilitate land and sea transport mode of transport, it can The realization of loading and unloading, transport mechanization, standardization, is a major mode of transport on the reform is an important part of the modernization of transport. This special box is the container; specifically used to transport the container is the container transport container. Since the 1960s, container transport has grown rapidly in many countries and has now become an important mode of transport in international transport.

From the process of material circulation, in most cases, the car is always responsible for the initial transport of goods and the final transport. In other words, the development of container transport will promote the development of automobile container transport, or the entire circulation of container transport will be subject to constraints. Therefore, with the growth of China's national economic output, the rise of the automobile industry and the improvement of road conditions, especially the construction of high-grade highways, the development of container transport will be faster and faster. The container has the following functions: the expansion of the goods unit; vehicle activities of the trunk; the external packaging of goods; cargo terminal temporary warehouse. Container truck characteristics,

Container transport is a group of transport. It is to put the spare parts in a standardized large box (or other containers) for transport; in the replacement of transport tools 40 feet container semi-trailer maintenance of small knowledge, the goods within the box without flip, but only Move containers with scattered goods from one type of transport to another. Therefore, the container is a good tool for transporting roads, railways, waterways and air transport. Its advantages: 1. Simplified loading and unloading operations: the container in transit, just facelift, without flip, greatly simplifies the loading and unloading operations, easy to achieve mechanization of loading and unloading. The facelift of the container is usually only a few minutes, shortening the waiting time for loading and unloading, increasing labor productivity, and speeding up the turnover of goods and means of transport.

2. Save the cost of packaging: As the goods directly in the container, no flip. Thus, no separate packaging of goods, saving the cost of packaging.

3. Reduced cargo damage and cargo difference: As the whole process of transport, the container itself is a sturdy packaging. Only the initial transport and the final transport to open the container loading and unloading cargo, the intermediate link container cargo without flip, so the goods are not easy to damage and loss. Container transport can reduce the stolen, damp, defaced and other cargo damage caused by cargo and cargo, welcomed by the owner and the shipping company, and due to the reduction of cargo damage rate, reducing the waste of social wealth, but also has great Social benefits.

4. Reduce the overall transport costs: the container loading and unloading is basically not affected by bad weather, the ship non-productive parking time is shortened, and because of high loading and unloading time, loading and unloading time is short, the shipping company, Reduce the cost of shipping the ship, the port can be improved through the ability to improve throughput and increase revenue. Shandong Xu Tong Special Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to provide you with professional, comprehensive price of special vehicles, semi-trailer pictures. Perennial production and sales of all kinds of semi-trailer, trailer, low flat semi-trailer, special vehicles, semi-trailer dump truck, warehouse trucks, tank cars, dump trucks, vehicle trucks, powder material transport vehicles, Wings open van, warehouse-type semi-trailer, Gaolan car, cement bulk trucks, light special semi-trailer, concrete mixer, harbor wharf low-plate special vehicles, coal-specific vehicles, flying wing-type semi-trailer, Truck, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer Semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, And so on more than 300 products. Set the car process:

One step: car negotiations: by telephone or field visits to discuss vehicle models, prices and related requirements.

Two steps: the signing of the contract: the two sides signed a vehicle purchase and sale contracts and advance payment contract (fax signed a contract, the field can be signed contracts).

Three steps: arrange production: Our company according to the contract requirements, arrange workshop production.

Four steps: delivery vehicles: vehicle delivery acceptance, payment vehicle balance, complete the relevant procedures. The company has now formed semi-trailer, dump trailer, cargo trailer, tanker trailer, cement bulker flatbed trailer, lowbed trailer etc.