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Advantages Of Container Loaders

Jul 24, 2017

The utility model relates to a container loading machine, characterized in that the scissors support device comprises an outer scissors

Frame, inner scissors, hinge shaft, fixed plate, lifting cylinder and tilting arm device, the upper side of the car chassis are equipped with

The inner scissors and the outer scissors, the inner scissors and the outer scissors are hinged through the hinge shaft,


The connecting rod is hinged and the connecting rod is respectively connected with the car chassis, and the lower end of the elevator is hinged with the car chassis

, The upper end of the telescopic rod and the upper scissors articulated with the upper part of the outer scissors and the front of the car chassis hinge, the top


The tilting arm device is hinged to the rear of the conveyor platform, and the tilting arm device comprises a folding arm cylinder and an inclined swing arm,

The upper end of the swing arm is slidably connected with the conveying platform, the lower end is hinged with the outer scissors, and the lower end of the arm

Articulated, the upper end and the tilt arm articulated, with a new structure, high performance, docking fast, high transport efficiency