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Cement Concrete Paver According To The Construction Method Can Be Divided Into What

Sep 25, 2017

Asphalt concrete paver by walking in accordance with the walking method is divided into drag and self-type two categories, of which self-style is divided into crawler and tire type.

(1) towing paver is to pick up materials, traffic transmission, sub-material and ironing and other work devices installed in a special rack, paving operations by transport dump truck traction or push to carry out. Its structure is simple, manufacturing, the use of low cost, but the paving can be small, poor quality, only for low-grade road pavement maintenance operations.

(2) crawler-type paver is generally large or very large paver, the advantage is the ground than the small pressure, good adhesion, paving operations run smoothly, no slip phenomenon. The drawback is poor mobility, poor ability to absorb the embankment on the roadbed, cornering when the edge is not smooth enough, and the structure is complex, high manufacturing costs, and more for large-scale pavement construction.

(3) Tire-type paver by the tire to bear the whole gravity and provide adhesion, the advantage is the transition speed is running faster, good mobility, strong ability to absorb the embankment, corners easy to form a smooth edge. The drawback is that the adhesion is small, in the paving a large width, the laying of thicker may have a slip phenomenon, in addition, the roadbed ups and downs more sensitive, need to automatically find the flat device to help improve the road surface roughness. Can be used for a variety of road pavement construction and maintenance operations.