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Maintenance Instructions When The Truck Is Idle

Aug 16, 2017

For a variety of reasons, the truck will be idle for some time each year, if the maintenance is not proper, there will be many problems, there are some security risks, affecting traffic safety.

1. Pay attention to preventing metal rust

If the truck long-term parking, should keep the truck body metal surface clean, clean up the truck body of dust, moisture and dirt, the vehicle parked in a ventilated place, in the easily corroded place coated with oil, grease or oil paper bandaged up.

2. To prevent the cushion, carpet and other rotten

Most of the cushion and carpet on the truck are cotton products, it is easy to absorb moisture, especially in the rainy season or wet areas, more susceptible to moisturemold.

3. To prevent the deterioration of rubber products aging

Rubber products on the car, such as tires, belts and dust cover and other rubber products easily absorb oxygen in the air and oxidation, while vulcanized rubber also has a certain permeability, oxygen easily into the internal oxidation. Direct sunlight, can promote the rapid aging of rubber. In order to prevent the aging of rubber products, should avoid direct sunlight and mineral oil contact.