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Truck Maintenance Errors

Aug 22, 2017


1.Maintenance from time to time

Many professional maintenance workers said that in their maintenance of the truck.The vehicle due to poor engine maintenance caused by failure is 50% of all failures.Not only in the conventional maintenance period to carry out the maintenance of the engine. After driving pass some particularly wet or dust particularly large areas, the need for the relevant parts of the engine to do inspection and maintenance.

2.Oil deterioration and oil filter is poor

When the oil from the oil filter through the pores, the oil will be solid particles and sticky material accumulated in the filter.If the filter is blocked, the oil can not pass through the filter, it will expand the filter or open the safety valve, through the bypass valve,the dirt back to the lubrication area, the engine wear and tear, the internal pollution intensified.So the regular replacement of oil filter is also very important.Do not add less oil, do not add more oil.Not the more expensive brand-name synthetic oil is the better,suit for your car's oil is the best.

3.Air filter blockage

The engine intake system is mainly composed of two parts: air filter and intake pipe.Always clean the air filter.Air filter is generally exchanged after cleaned three times.The air quality of the daily driving area determines the cleaning cycle of the air filter.Buy the good quality, the original provided air filter by the factory is also very important.