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Regular Maintenance Of The Axle

Apr 23, 2019

1. Before the vehicle is running, check whether the external connecting bolt of the axle is loose, whether the axle is leaking oil, whether the hub and the reducer assembly are abnormal.

2, axle maintenance:

A: Forced maintenance is performed between 3000-5000km depending on the operating conditions.

B: The first maintenance includes: changing the lubricating oil, gear oil, checking the front toe of the front axle, adjusting the brake clearance, etc., checking the fasteners, etc.

3, regular maintenance of the axle:

A: Regular maintenance is performed every 10,000km after the first maintenance.

B: Regular maintenance contents include: replacing the lubricating oil, tightening the fasteners, checking the toe beam, checking the degree of wear of the brake friction plate, and timely replacing the brake wear gap and adjusting the brake clearance to check the reducer assembly. And whether the gap between the main driven gear and the driven gear is too large, whether the gear oil exceeds the performance, if there is a similar situation, the gap should be adjusted and the grease should be replaced.