Safety Practice Of Cement Concrete Paver

- Sep 15, 2017-

1. The operator must be thoughtful, strong sense of responsibility, before the job must read the cement concrete paver safe operating procedures of the machine "manual", familiar with the principle of the machine, mechanical properties and safety knowledge.

2. Before starting, should check the machine parts are good, to confirm the activities of some unmanned or no objects before starting. The operating platform and the operating site must be broad-minded and all facilities with obstacle operations should be eliminated. Channel is strictly prohibited stacking debris, is strictly prohibited high throwing objects.

3. During the operating hours, the operator (including the relevant personnel) must adhere to the workplace, according to the rules of operation, is strictly prohibited pavers in the operation, the operator left the console. When the paver is operated, the non-operator is prohibited from entering the console, and the unrelated person is not allowed to stay in the paver. 4. Any personnel into the paver range, must wear work shoes, is strictly prohibited to wear slippers, high heels, playing barefoot.

5. When the installation is adjusted, the engine must be closed and the brake must be in the braking state. When installing or adjusting the rack, the paver must be parked on a flat, sturdy ground, and the support tool (material) can be safely and reliably mounted and the track can be adjusted and installed. In the adjustment of height, the work pedal, escalators, etc., is strictly prohibited station.