3 Axles Skeleton Container Trailer

Skeletal Container Trailer is a type of semi trailer for 20ft and 40ft container transport. The Skeletal Trailer is contructed by welding the stringer, beam and front and rear beam together.
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Product Details

Main Description of 3 Axles Skeleton Container Trailer

3 Axles skeleton container trailer is a type of semi trailer for 20ft and 40ft container transport. The frame is a beam-through structure, and the longitudinal beam is straight or gooseneck. It can be customized according to customer needs. 

Skeleton Container Trailer redskeletal container trailer

Skeleton semi trailer yellowSkeleton Container Chassis


1. The skeleton container trailer is welded by the longitudinal beam, the beam and the front and rear beams using automatic submerged arc technology.

2. The tire of the skeleton container chassis adopts the tubeless tire with better heat dissipation performance, the model is 12R22.5.

3. The container is mounted on the chassis frame and fixed by the twist-lock device to become the strength member of the semi-trailer.

4. The leaf spring made of high-elasticity and high-quality spring steel reduces its own weight on the premise of ensuring strength and elasticity

5. This skeleton container trailer is 12500mm long, 2500mm wide and 1500mm high, with a carrying capacity of 30T. 

Product Description

detail of 3 Axles Skeleton Container Trailer



Skeletal Container Trailer



Overall dimension

12500 *2500 *1500mm

Loading capacity


Axle brand and number

13TFuwa 2units


50# or 90#

Steel Spring

10/10 leaf spring suspension

The material of Main beam

The height of the beam is 500 mm, upper plate is14mm, down plate is 16mm, middle plate is 8mm.

Tyre and quantity

12R22.5 8 12 sets

Landing gear

28T, double speed operation

Platform plate

3mm Diamond plate

Brake system

Dual Line braking system , none ABS.

Brake air chamber

Four double chamber

Electrical system

24V, 7 pin socket, One set 6-core standard Cable


Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector, side lamp etc

Tool box

1 set

Spare tire carrier

2 sets




Polish with wax before shipping

Detailed video of 3 Axles Skeleton Container Trailer

Our advantage

0. The main beam of the 3 axles skeleton container trailer we produce is made of high-strength steel Q345B, and the axle can be selected from well-known parts such as BPW or FUWA.

1. Chengda Group is famous for the manufacture of container trailers. The container trailers we produce have been widely recognized around the world for their durable performance and service life of more than 15 years.

2. We are a professional manufacturer with our own trailer production factory. Provide customized services

3. We have more than 18 years of rich vehicle production experience, strict quality control system, experienced design system, and provide lifelong accessories support.

Packaging & Shipping

3 Axles Skeleton Container Trailer

Packaging: Bare packaging. To save on shipping, the best way is to bundle 3 sets for shipping. Or a 40HQ can load 2 sets of skeleton trailers.

Shipping: By bulk carrier, RO-RO or container.

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