60Ton 3 Axles Back Tipper Trailer

1. Back tipper trailer adopts a standardized and modular welding process, and standardized operations are carried out on the length of the welding seam, the position of the welding seam and the reservation, so as to ensure the perfect welding standard of each trailer.

2. 100% of the whole trailer is made of full-thickness wear-resistant steel, which is more wear-resistant and anti-manufacturing.

3. Effectively solve industry problems such as welding cracking of tipper trailers, deformation of carriages, rapid tire wear, and unsynchronized lifting.
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Product Details

60Ton 3 axles back tipper trailer is made of high-strength steel that meets the national production standards. Four longitudinal beams are added, and local reinforcement operations are performed to ensure that the dump semi-trailer is not easily deformed during transportation.

60ton 3 Axles Back Tipper Trailer

The advantages of Chengda 3 axles back tipper trailer:

60Ton 3 axles back tipper trailer

1、The tipper semi-trailer adopts standardised and modularised welding process, standardising the operation of weld length, weld position and reservation to ensure that each tipper semi-trailer is welded perfectly .

2、The whole trailer is 100% made of full-thickness wear-resistant steel, more wear-resistant and more resistant to construction.

3、The rear door of the tipper is equipped with a rear door locking mechanism, which can reliably lock the rear carriage door after it is closed to ensure the airtight requirements of the carriage body for cargo, and at the same time, it can effectively inhibit the shaking of the rear door of the carriage and improve its anti-deformation ability to ensure transport safety.

Detailed for 60ton 3 axles back tipper trailer

60ton 3 Axles Back Tipper Trailer

Trailer Model

Cheap Chengda 35cbm 3axles end dump trailer

Model Number


Overall Dimension

9200mm x 2500mm x 3800mm

(Lx W x H)(mm)

8500mm x 2300mm x 1800mm or 35.15 cubic meter

Inner Dimension

I shaped mild alloy Q345B by automatic submerged

Main beam

arc welding 16 - 8+6 - 18mm

Platform thickness


Side wall thickness


Hydraulic System:

Full set of HYVA Hydraulic System

King pin


Land gear



Guangdong FUWA brand, 3*13T




Mechanical Suspension


12R20 standard brand 12pcs

Brake system

30/30 type on each axle ,Wabco brake valve

Spare wheel carrier

2 pcs

Tool box

1 pcs

Electrical System

Chinese standard 24V lighting system


Dual Lines Pneumatic Brake System. T30/30 Air Chamber; Parking Brake

Brake air chamber

Six big chamber

Electrical system

1. Voltage: 24v 2. Receptacle: 7 ways (7 wire harness)

Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector, side lamp etc.

One set 6-core standard Cable.


Nude, Polish with wax before shipping

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