Four elements of purchasing oil note

- Mar 13, 2017-

Auto maintenance experts believe that under normal circumstances, select motor oil should pay attention to the following four elements:
(1) choice of oil should be selected based on engine requirements, it is not necessary in less demanding on the engine using oil too high or lower-grade oil for use in demanding engines.
(2) should try to choose a multigrade oils, multi-stage oil saving, long life, high efficiency, the engine has a good effect. Based on multiple characteristics of oil, during use may be premature in blackening phenomena smaller than ordinary motor oil, oil pressure, were normal.
(3) domestic brand-name oil quality is quite good, and the price is lower than that of imported products, ease of use, no need to blindly pursuing "foreign oil".
(4) if the engine is in good condition, and low seasonal temperature, viscosity smaller oil should be used whenever possible, so that the oil flow. Under the conditions of high temperature or the engine excessive wear, high viscosity engine oil to form an oil film, reduce engine wear.