How to troubleshoot a garbage truck of some common faults

- Mar 13, 2017-

Garbage trucks fault for owners of small headaches, garbage truck and inexplicable rise in fuel consumption, Engine misfire, wipers scraping washing effect is not good, and so on, even though it is not a big problem, but at the crucial moment, allowing owners of what? How to solve these problems?

1, garbage truck pump damage causes: when refueling the unreasonable behaviour likely to cause damage to the pump.

Solution: when the garbage truck drivers cheer for garbage trucks, try not to fuel warning light come on, doing this will shorten the service life of the pump, too little oil or fuel can be burned oil pump. If the vehicles are often in the urban area and refuel more convenient you do not have to fill, because this can cause oil and distortion and increase fuel consumption, oil gauge sensor failure, it is recommended that the driver of the garbage truck fuel consumption almost in time to refuel.

Unstable battery solution: summer driving, battery overcharge behavior can occur, electrolyte evaporates quickly, damage the plates. Therefore, always check the electrolyte in the battery liquid height and proportion, often to the battery add distilled water; winter to avoid battery discharge completely, and the electrolyte is frozen.

2, garbage truck wiper scraping glass washing results are poor reasons: wiper blades appeared damaged, will cause scratch wash are not clean.

Solution: the first garbage truck owners need to correct the dry scrape of bad habits, it is best to water spray point wiper again, for this will help protect the Wiper Blade. Secondly, the wiper would sometimes produce a gurgling sound, this time if the wiper blades are intact, then high pressure washing vehicle owners the best of the wiper angle correction. Finally, if the vehicle is parked for a long time, garbage truck owners can find small things like foam or wood, mat under the wiper, wipers and windshield separate, so you can extend the life of the wiper.

When enough pressure generated when the compression mechanism is found, we should first consider whether support of its pressure, lack of motivation-inadequate fuel, if the lack of fuel in the tank should be added in a timely manner. If oil use and garbage is inversely proportional to the operating time should consider whether the oil spill, check if the system is leaking.

Common mechanical failures:
Refuse collection vehicles for non-contact Eddy current retarder braking system, each part of the work without friction, if routine maintenance, maintenance of good retarder fault rate is low, but more often there are garbage trucks associated with Eddy current retarder retarder fault caused by drive failures, are analysed as follows:
1) symptoms: garbage truck vehicle shake badly when running at high speed, vibration phenomena is very serious. Found when using crowbars or screw driver to pry the rotor the rotor larger play. Faults: transmission (rear axle) bearing disabilities excluded: such failures often cause retarder stator and rotor friction reducer damaged serious fault, once discovered, should be settled immediately after exercise of the vehicle. Solution for replacement of bearings; tighten the flange lock nut.
2) symptoms: junk car vibration or impact sound, check the air gap is no exception. Cause: the secondary retarder bracket loose or shock reduction cushion is damaged. Troubleshooting: overhauling-aided Bay; replaced damping pad. When changing the damping pad should be taken to ensure 3~5mm of the damping pad compression.