5 Units Dump Truck Were Exported To Philippine

- Sep 29, 2017-

 5 units dump truck were exported to Philippine

On Sept.5th,5 units dump truck were exported to Philippine,but talk about dump truck,i want to share some tips with you.

Dump truck is divided into many type of uses,If it is used incorrect will greatly reduce the life expectancy.

Highway dump truck is usually used in the short-distance transport that distance of 100 km or so , it is mainly for long container products. Due to require a large load capacity, so this type of dump truck uses 8x4 models mostly.

Mine dump truck belongs to engineering vehicle, it is mainly to meet the coal, mining transport needs. This dump truck for mine, water conservancy and hydropower engineering conditions such as the design of the climbing ability, vehicle Horizontal stability, reliability and safety requirements are higher.

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