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Multi-function Paving Machine Can Not Shop Cement Pavement

Aug 09, 2017

The current paver is classified as concrete paver and sliding mold cement paver, its working principle is:

1, the concrete paver is a good paving material through the distributor of materials, rammer preload, screed plastic, roller, rubber roller compaction, the formation of asphalt pavement.

2, sliding mold cement paver is the road cement with a feeder material, vibration pump to mention pulp, screed after finishing the hair to do in the finished.

It can be seen that these two kinds of road surface scissors work different requirements, it is impossible to use a paver to complete. The multi-purpose paver mentioned above is the concrete paver because he can pave the way: A, any kind of asphalt mixture B, cement stabilized inorganic mixture C, lime sand ) D, RCC (RCC) E, railway ballast, and named.

Slip-type cement paving machine paving device is fixed on the host, generally do not have to replace.