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Precautions Of The Connection Of The Truck And Semi-trailer

Aug 07, 2017

Precautions of the connection of the truck and semi-trailer

Pay attention to all aspects of trailer and semi-trailer connections.The tractor & traction pin connection and electrical circuit and air pipe connection are main parts to be connected.

The connection of the traction seat & traction pin

Checking carefully whether there is enough grease on the board surface of the tractor before connecting,check the traction pin & traction skateboard of the semi-trailer whether there are other impurities on it, make sure the traction skateboard clean.

1. Adjust the landing gears,make the height of the traction skateboard and Traction pin matched.In general, the height of the semi-trailer traction skateboard is 1~3cm lower than the upper plane center position of the traction pin,take care not too high ,or they will not be connected,sometime will destruct the tractortraction pin and related parts

2. Operate the traction seat locking mechanism, make the lock open and make it in free state.

     3. When the tractor is going backwards, keep the tractor and the center line of the semi-trailer in the same line, the center line offset of truck and trailer shall be less than 40mm.Put the traction pin in the traction seat back the truck slowly, when you hear click sound, it means the trailer has been connected to the truck successfully.