Repair Car Manufacturers Introduced The Haze Day Driving Skills, Slow Down Lights Pinpoint Reference

- Mar 13, 2017-

Speed: in General, when the visibility is less than 200 meters is more than 100 meters, should not exceed 60 km/h, keep a distance of 100 meters above the vehicle; when the visibility is less than 100 meters is more than 50 meters, not more than 40 km per hour, keep a distance of 50 meters above the vehicle; when the visibility is less than 50 meters, should be controlled at below 20 km/h.

Lighting: fog Lane, whether it is night or day you need to turn on the low beam light and fog lamps, which can improve the Visual distance, on the other hand when the current car change lanes, turn on headlights can cause the front of the note. Meanwhile, traffic on the highway need to open outline marker lamps, front and rear position lamps, hazard warning lamps.

Reference: in very low visibility in the fog the road, many drivers will find it impossible to observe the road around, so it's easy on the vehicle's position, speed of judging bias. At that point you can find recurring items as a reference to. For example, on the highway, can Central guardrail or barrier as a reference to determine vehicle speed and the location of the road.

In addition, there is one more thing to note, fog Lane, high visibility, blind change lanes will increase driving risk greatly. So, fog can select the vehicles in front of the left rear or right rear position, once in front of an emergency situation, when the front measures, can be found in advance and take measures to