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Suggestion For Dealing With Smog Day Care Pay Attention To Timely Cleaning ‘two Filter’

Mar 13, 2017

Beijing smog from time to time, hidden in a seemingly clean car invisible dust and bacteria. Service recommended for normal vehicle maintenance, must be taken to clean "two filter" as well as headlight maintenance is often overlooked.
Cars in use in the General environmental air quality is better, replace the air filter on a regular basis on a maintenance cycle. But the surrounding ambient air quality is poor, you should be aware that cleaning the air filter, if the air filter is too dirty, will reduce the amount of air entering the cylinder, causing the car's dynamic performance, speed up. In addition, air conditioning filters used in the process also need to be regularly cleaned and replaced, or clogged filter will prevent and reduce air into the evaporation tank, the most obvious sign is the air conditioning was very large, but still do not feel cold, sometimes also be accompanied by the smell in the car, requiring motorists to cause adverse health effects.
Clean air inside the car at the same time, should pay attention to maintenance of the headlights and fog lights, fog blurred the road view, if problems with headlights and fog lights, likely to cause traffic barriers