Sinotruk Start Exporting SKD Parts To Ireland And Assembling In Local.

- Oct 20, 2017-

Sinotruk start exporting SKD parts to Ireland and assembling in local.

Late last time, Sinotruk company exported a bunch of SKD truck parts to Ireland. Right now, the Sinotruk HOWO is started being sold in local. 

sinotruck in European_01.jpg

All these HOWO trucks are assembled in Ireland after importing SKD parts from China. The HOWO truck assembled in Ireland has local features, much different than others vehicles sold to others country. For example, the vehicle dimensions, driving model, etc.

sinotruck in European_02.jpg

Sinotruk has local dealer in Ireland. And many logistics company and contruction company are starting to purchase the HOWO dump trucks.

Right now, the sales of HOWO trucks are blooming all over the world. If you are interested into the Howo trucks, feel free to CONTACT US.