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Tanker Transport Of Dangerous Goods-industry Trends

Mar 13, 2017

In recent years, the oil tanker transport of dangerous goods has grown. Tanker transport in the overall proportion in the trucking business between 5%-10%, and half the tanker transport operations are used to transport fuel. Along with China's rising oil and gas production and economic recovery, and tankers occupy a position for liquid dangerous goods transportation is more and more important, reflected in the following aspects:

1. high threshold and low profits
Occupation of road transport is one of the barriers to entry are very high, mainly reflected in the high cost of buying trucks and related equipment. Even so, the profits are very low oil tanker transportation of dangerous goods. Tanker transport is road transport of the features of the head. Tanker transportation equipment prices high and increasing degree of specialization. Space Dragon believes that operational qualification of specialized carriers team engaged in the transport of liquid tank will be the trend.

2. efficient corrosion
And other road transport vehicles similar to oil tankers in the pursuit of energy efficiency, and energy-saving is mainly realized by tanker lightweight. Car's unique characteristics also to superior performance vehicle corrosion resistance.

3. hard to find professional driver
Due to tanker transport of dangerous goods and professional requirements for liquid tank truck drivers are also relatively high. Some liquid tank transporters and even are seen as potential terrorist personnel "modus operandi" tool to withstand strict scrutiny, showing transport of liquid tank is very high risk. China Road transport driver shortages, personnel engaged in the transport of liquid tank is more and more difficult to find.