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Fall Car Care Frequently Asked Questions Clever

Mar 13, 2017

Summer retreat autumn comes, but the rain did not decrease, often appears Sun after the rain, the detriment of car maintenance. A few tips can help you keep your car new.

Tanker car dehumidification: should be open when it rains and the cold wind, and doing so can not only get rid of fog, and dehumidification function. Rain stopped outside of air conditioners dehumidifiers, Interior, it is best to buy a simple desiccant cartridges so that part in difficult after the overnight moisture inside the car. Sunny owners can find a shady place, all the car's doors and the trunk lid open all the moisture in the car exhaust, ventilation, and a tanker car foot mats, seat cover removed, wash and dry.

Car interior sterilization: after summer rain, due to factors such as temperatures, relatively easy to breed a variety of germs, so the car's interior space is disinfection and sterilization is particularly important. Focus on cleaning the place for seating, air-conditioning outlet, in Control Panel, and around corners. Professional tank car cleaning agent can be used, wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Maintenance chassis: do your maintenance on truck chassis after heavy rain, other than simple cleaning, "sealed plastic chassis" is also a very good choice. It enables isolated chassis, to corrosion, rust and soundproofing function, extended car body life. "Sealed plastic chassis" to use special detergents to remove before attaching to the truck chassis of asphalt, oil, and dried and any dirt will affect the strength of plastic.

Cleaning exterior: outside of wastewater and sludge, rain, rain also contains acidic substances on the body and paintwork has a serious injury, if not processed in a timely manner, over time, will tarnish and thus affect the appearance of car body. To prevent acid rain damage to the body, is the most simple and effective way to waxing, and wanted to achieve lasting effects that have glazing.

Check the tank circuit: as much irrigation water may have an impact on the performance of car parts, which can cause car not start correctly. Water circuit is likely to cause a short circuit. Car engine if the road you can't start again, otherwise easily lead to car engine scrap. If there are wading through time after a check for circuit equipment, you can use the non-fiber paper towels and textiles circuit one by one to dry, start again.

Check the car headlights: easy led headlight into the water on rainy days. If mist lamp, you can turn on the headlights and high beam lights are on, ten minutes after the lights in the mist begins to disappear, can disappear in an hour, if you don't worry about, but if there is mist, to the professional car service station for processing.