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Field Interviews Intended To Teach You How To Apply For A Temporary Licence

Mar 13, 2017

After the first month, many years ago kayou being referred to his favorite models, and new cars in hand, the first thing for a car to apply for a temporary licence. Because a lot of people were acquaintances before agent, before you spend money, aging cannot guarantee, so the author through actual case studies to detail how a new truck from a temporary licence.

Years later a new car increased sometimes need to line up

This we to Urumqi, Xinjiang as an example to explain to members can apply for a temporary licence to process, and the rest of the processing conditions may be slightly different.

As part of the new truck from the provisional licence belonging to households, for locations at the local DMV. Since there are more new cars after the new year kayou, to handle the stream of people, very often need to line up.

The handle is a Uygur friend, he bought was a Dongfeng Tianlong 6x4 new semitrailer tractor, the car is also a natural gas CNG vehicles. With 921 new gross vehicle weight limit to 49 tons, CNG vehicles than the diesel models have more economical running costs, can be saved to some extent by freight damage, led to the recent marked increase in users who purchased the vehicle.

Not only that, the five standards starting from January 1, 2017 and more stimulate the sales of CNG cars: CNG vehicles due to the use of clean energy, tailpipe emissions no SCR after-treatment equipment is required to meet emission standards for five, eliminating the added cost of urea in the late.

Individuals/businesses to buy new truck from the provisional licensing requirements:

Preparation of documentation can apply for a temporary licence is the most important link, the lack of any one could succeed to clear. Following list is for everyone in the city of Urumqi documents needed to apply for a temporary licence.

1.1 if the business license for the three cards in one handle Pro card will need to bring a copy of business license copy (with red), and what companies you want to contact details, or the agent's contact information.

1.2 If the business license non-three cards in one, needs to carry a copy of certificate of organization code (with Red Seal), as well as contact details of State enterprises.

2. affiliated company of authorization as well as the original and copy of ID card of the client.

3. vehicle registration of certificates, copies of insurance policies, invoices, these three original and copy.

Note: apply for a temporary licence must be purchased before insurance, users can purchase one year of compulsory insurance, also can choose from 15 days or 1 month temporary insurance, two insurance one can apply for a temporary licence.

If affiliated companies non-city, 1, 2 and 3 above without original, provide a photocopy or facsimile (black seal). Required files for the above must be performed strictly according to the requirements, are not receiving scan color printing.

Pro and formal licence is equally important

Good preparation for as long as the relevant documents, in the case of having to queue for as long as 10 minutes to receive a temporary licence, provisional licence identical letters, numbers and a full licence.

Need to be aware of is that provisional licences and full licences are equally important, whether it is on the road or parking, should the interim licence in a conspicuous position in the driver's cab (can be seen from outside the vehicle licence), otherwise it will be deducted 12 points by traffic police and fined 200 Yuan.