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Two Hot Spots: Another High Speed Charging Reform Proposed By The Representative!

Mar 13, 2017

With the development domestic logistics, logistics cost is too large and inefficient, reset the waste of resources and other issues has become increasingly prominent, calls for reducing cost and increasing efficiency of the logistics industry is also getting higher and higher. In the two meetings, many proposals are related to reducing cost and increasing efficiency of logistics topics, among them, more deputies directly, wants to reduce the efficiency of the logistics industry, Expressway toll reform first!

Wahaha Chairman Zong qinghou: reducing highway charges for road pricing transparency

National People's Congress, and General Manager Zong qinghou, Chairman of wahaha group, suggested that road charges should be lowered, road pricing transparency, so as to reduce logistics costs.

He said, according to the Ministry's national road goods transport price index (CFI), the sample data, statistics, highway toll now accounts for 24% of the total logistics costs. Meanwhile, highway tolls are not transparent, "collection of black money," chaos, not only increased logistics costs, much less conducive to the sound development of road freight.

Therefore, he suggested:

1, the upcoming highway, it is recommended that countries adhere to "deadline fee." Highway tolls into the orbit of rule of law should be strictly before the highway as soon as possible return to public properties, increase the well-being of the people.

Part 2, for the highway extension charges, should further reduce the original charges.

3, at the same time open the highway toll usage fees to transparent, increase the Government's credibility.

Valin head Liu Han-ru: reducing cost and increasing efficiency of the logistics industry the highway reform cannot wait

NPC Deputy Liu Hanru, hualing Chairman further suggested that, reducing cost and increasing efficiency of the logistics industry involving many departments, the Highway Department should participate actively for change.

National development and Reform Commission, Deputy Director of the Institute of comprehensive transportation of Wang Ming had said: "no load rate is about 40% of the national truck, 10 trillion of the logistics market, 5 trillion done by transport, a level equivalent to Africa. "The data show that Europe and America for truck drivers mileage at about 1000 km a day on average, while China only 300 km by truck drivers. As the world's largest commercial vehicle market, China's logistics efficiency in the low end, do not have access to effective use of resources, there is still a lot of room to improve.

And the number of ills many Highway: highway toll is transparent, collecting "black money" in escrow, indefinite pay penalty ... ... Truck drivers shunned, had to give up the highway down the road, results highway use and low rate of logistics costs are also rising, remain high.

"Involves all aspects of the logistics industry, want to reduce costs and increase efficiency yielded significant results, we need positive action in all sectors. Blood of highway transport as cargo, must also be involved actively for change. "Liu Hanru said, wants to reduce the efficiency of the logistics industry, the highway reform cannot wait.