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The New Type Of Low Bed Semi Trailer For Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Sep 05, 2017

The New Type of Low Bed Semi Trailer.jpg

Low bed semi-trailer without a fence and used widely, most people used it mainly for long-distance freight transport.Series of semi-trailer frame for the beam-type structure, main beam with flat-type live gooseneck.The height of the middle plate is from 400mm to 550mm.The longitudinal beam is welded by automatic submerged arc welding.The beam penetrates the stringer and it is welded integrally.It is made by steel leaf spring and suspension bearing composition, it is reasonable structure and has a strong rigidity and strength, it can used to support the load cushioning.the more lower the Center of gravity the flatbed semi-trailer is , the better the stability and safety and the stronger the ability to transport high cargo and obstacle through the head.