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We can design and produce skeleton semi-trailers according to the needs of customers. These products are all configured in China. But we can satisfy your special system. We have a comprehensive after-sales service network. The optimal comparability of performance and price has won more and more customers.

We have a complete service network. The optimal comparability of performance and price has won more and more customers.

1. Low -bed semi -trailers are widely used for mechanical transportation.

2. Choose a high-intensity Q345 in a low-bed semi-trailer. The automatic arc process welding greatly improves the solidity and stability of the trailer.

3. Spray paint: Complete chassis sandblasting to remove rust, 1 layer of anticorrosive primer, and 2 layers of final paint.

4. Suspension: Turn on the steering frame; air suspension; mechanical suspension optional.

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Application of 2 axle skeleton container trailer

Generally, the skeleton semi-trailer can be used for transport containers, such as ships, ports, routes, highways, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, and other logistics systems.

2 axle skeleton container trailer application

Parameter of 2 axle skeleton container trailer

Dimension12450mm*2490mm*1575mm (according to customer requirements
Loading Capacity (T)≤ 50 T
Axle13 T FUWA brand
SuspensionAir suspension (American Type )
Kingpin2.0 or 3.5inch bolts type or Welding type
Support leg28Tons (Double speed)
Main beamHeight: 500mm, the upper plate is 12mm, the middle plate is 6mm, and the Down plate is 12mm; the Material is Q345B Steel.
Side beam3mm channel steel (Formed by suppressing. Material is Q235steel).
Bottom platform3mm diamond steel plate
Brake chamberWABCO RE 6 relay valve; T30/30+T30 Spring brake chamber; one piece of 45L air tanks
Twist LocksTwelve pieces ( Twist Screw Type)

(especially for exporting market )
ValveWABCO valve (special for exporting market )
LightLED light (especially for exporting market )
Receptacle7 ways (7 wire harness)
Retractable Axle1 or 2 Optional
Spare tire carrier1
ToolboxOne piece, 1m×0.5m×0.5m (Size can be choose freely)(equipped with 1 unit Tire spanner,1 unit gudgeon sleeve and 1 unit cranking bar)
PaintingComplete Chassis sand blasting to clean rust, 1 coat of anticorrosive primer, 2 coats of final paint
Shipping Terms:By 40HQ container.

Our Service

(1) Warranty: Each product has one year/2000 working hours. During this period, if material or process defects occur and the spare parts are in a normal working state, we will repair or replace the defective parts for free.

(2) Spare parts: Chengda is committed to providing our customers with the most quality spare parts with the highest quality, accurate application, and appropriate functions. With our global dealer network, we can ensure your fast delivery and services. No matter where you are, please submit your spare parts request and list the product name and the description of the required parts.

(3) Installation and maintenance: Chengda trailer can provide the overall installation of complex machinery, allowing you to start the normal operation solution of construction machinery. After installation, we will check the whole machine and operating equipment and provide you with testing data reports for installation and operation.

(4) Training: We provide perfect facilities and comfortable environments, which can provide training services for different users. Training courses include product training, operation training, maintenance knowledge, technical knowledge training, standards, laws and regulations training, etc. All of these are tailored according to your personalized needs. The training plan can be carried out at our factory or customer site.

(5) Technical consultation: We can also help customers coordinate with trained service staff to provide you with detailed and extensive knowledge. Through our technical suggestions, your machine's life can be significantly extended and maintains high -production capacity.

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